We offer this discount because:

  • By being multi-skilled you will gain a better understanding of how the trades work alongside one another making jobs run more efficiently.
  • You will have more job opportunities and options to take on larger projects.
  • Many customers prefer to deal with one person rather than several different trades people.
  • If you are multi-skilled you are likely to get more work and in turn be busier.
  • Variety of work rather than the same job day in and day out.
  • If you are multi-skilled you can keep your overheads down and increase your profit margins.
  • You are not reliant on other trades people who can let you down and not turn up, holding you up and delaying progress.

Multi skills trade course prices:

  • 2 courses booked save £25
  • 3 courses booked save £50
  • 4 courses booked save £75
  • 5 courses booked save £100
  • 6 courses booked save £125