If you are looking to learn any type of welding we are able to assist you with this, there are 3 basic types of welding processes and they all have their own positives.​


Manual Inert Gas welding is the most common type of welding and the easiest of the welding process to learn and is ideally suited for light fabrication welding and classic cars/bikes etc using carbon steel.


Manual Metal Arc is mainly used for pipe welding and on site welding outside due to having no gas and is suited mainly for heavy repairs on steel.


Tungsten Inert Gas is the hardest of the welding processes to master but is also the neatest of all the welds and is predominantly used on aluminium and stainless steel.

Whether you’re looking to enter the world of welding for your own hobbies or projects, or looking for some pointers to refresh your mind and build your confidence, we have the ideal facility and knowledge to offer. Or if you are at a career in welding then these courses are ideal for you to start. This course is purely for your skill progression and confidence build, no tests and no peer comparison!

On completion of the course, students will be able to perform basic welding tasks, manage equipment to a competent standard and have a general understanding of safety procedures. The course can be completed in the time you require or decide is best for you. The course is tutored by a professional welder, dedicated to your learning. All prices include VAT.

Through one of our basic courses, you can expect to learn the following:​

  • Set up/Shut down procedures
  • Health and Safety Awareness
  • System settings for all appropriate material types
  • Basic welding techniques
  • Metal prep of materials to be welded
  • Completion and mastery of welded joints
  • Cover a range of joints including: T – Fillet, square butt, corner
  • Workshop equipment use (including: hand operated guillotine, plate setter/punch, bench folder & tin snips)Torch, stitch, spot/ plug weld lap folded plate sections created by setter

​Evening welding training packages:

​Our evening welding courses are a great way for you to pick up the basics of welding in a relaxed and friendly environment. We have a maximum of 6 students on a course and you will each have your own bay and welding equipment and will be taught the basics of welding in the welding process that you book onto. The course lasts for 4 weeks and is 2 evenings per week from 6pm to 9pm. The course costs £500 and comes with an inhouse certificate of achievement.

Week day courses; this course is flexible, so you can choose the number of days training you would like, depending on your experience and the intentions you have with your upcoming skills. Pricing is based on the number of days you choose and the standard you want to get up to. In order to book the week day basic training please call our office or email for availability.

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See below for pricing:

​1 x day training £180.00
2 x days training £348.00
3 x days training £516.00
4 x days training £684.00
5 x days training £840.00

2 x days basic weekend MIG welding £360
2 x days basic weekend TIG welding £360
2 x days basic weekend MMA training £360
2 x day upcycling welding £360

4 weeks evening class (2 evenings per week) £500 including VAT