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What do we offer?

A highly flexible course designed specifically for people who are looking to repair or maintain classic cars and bikes and help them complete all of their own welding on their projects.  This derived classic car and bike course is designed around MIG welding, which is the easiest of the welding processes to learn, and is the welding process most commonly used on both cars and bikes. 

Here at CBWA, we provide a memorable & highly personal experience to our students. The course has a maximum of 5 students at a time, so that each student gets enough guidance and tuition from our tutors, and thus passes the course with all of the required knowledge and understanding, as it allows you to ask questions on your mind and get plenty of one-to-one instruction.

What can you expect to learn?

1. We will teach you the basic principles of health and safety when MIG welding and the do’s and don’ts of the trade before you even start welding 

2. Machine operations, how to turn on the machine, adjust the wire speed and settings according to the material thickness of what you are welding

We encourage students to bring in their own machines if they have one and we will help you set it up and get the best out of it

3. Mastering the art of putting down a proper weld, ensuring it penetrates the metal and fusing it together correctly 

It is common when welding to focus on making it all look nice, rather than focusing on it being structurally strong; this being the main reason why codings were brought into the industry for professional welders 

4. You will master being able to put down a series of simple straight lines before you progress on to harder welds. Once the basics of how to use a MIG welder have been mastered, we move you onto how to do the following four main types of welding that would be used on your car or bike: T-Fillet welds, Butt welds, pipe to plate and box section to plate 

5. Using thin gauge mild steel, we will replicate how to cut out rotten metal and replace it with new metal, which is an extremely valuable skill needed to restore any car or bike 

6. You will be taught how to cut out spot welds, in order to gain the skills needed to remove panels correctly. We will also teach you how to use clamps with a MIG welder to make puddle welds, in order to help get your panels back on and lined up correctly 

What comes after?

Upon completion, the course comes with an in-house Certificate of Competence from our approved training centre, in paper format and signed by your tutor, which proves that the students are able to: perform basic welding tasks, manage equipment to a competent standard and have a general understanding of safety procedures. 


Once leaving, you will have learnt the basic skills to be able to finish your projects in your own time and repair your own panels and body parts on your vehicles.

Schedule & Duration

Your choice between: 

  • 4 days in a single week (9:00am – 4:30pm, breaks included)
  • 4 days over two consecutive weekends  (9:00am – 4:30pm, breaks included)


Equipment & Facilities

We provide you with your own work area & equipment (materials & tools included except safety boots which you need)

You will have access to:

✔ Kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave etc.)

✔ Free tea & coffee

✔ On-site vending machines

✔ Parking

We are located in CV7 9NH, just off the M6 motorway and close to several food places and hotels nearby.




Price includes VAT.

*To book any of our courses, all we require is a £100 deposit.


For any additional inquiries, feel free to either submit an inquiry through our system here , or to call us at 02476 363 663 or email us at [email protected]

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