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Why does Coded Welding matter?

First, what is a Coded Welder?  To put it simply, a Coded Welder is someone who has completed a welder approval test in a specific welding configuration.  The welding code system is created to demonstrate a welder has the knowledge and skills to carry out work to industry standard requirements.

For the companies out there: without a doubt your customers place great emphasis on quality assurance. Therefore quality training for welders makes good business sense for you! Professionally trained and certified Coded Welders reduce the need for rework, with its associated costs, whilst improving repeatability, quality and productivity.

European standards reinforce the importance of welding competence, placing stringent controls on the industry for the protection of the end user. As a result of this, companies are seeking to not only improve the skills & capabilities of their welders through practical training, but also to demonstrate their competence by completing testing and certification.

What do we offer?

Here at Central Building & Welding Academy, we have vast experience delivering welding training and testing, and work closely with Zurich Laboratories, offering Zurich approved codings and welder approval qualifications in every position, material and process available.

This means simple MIG T fillets in carbon steel, through to 6G aluminium (ISO 9606-02) in TIG, all the way to ISO 9606-01 in all positions and materials.

Companies can bring their own materials and filler rods if they are used to using particular products that are not off the shelf materials.


For experienced welders looking at getting coded, we ask delegates to join us for a half-day assessment.  The objective of the session is to assess the welders’ aptitude and current skill level in the chosen process, to agree the level of certification that the client is aiming for and therefore identify the content and duration of the required training programme.

The assessment process is planned as follows:

1. The Assessor will discuss the welders’ experience and personal aims, whilst taking the welder’s company objectives in regards to the individual welder into consideration, so that all parties can fully understand and agree the levels that need to be attained.

2. Secondly, on the day of the assessment, the attendee will be given practical exercises to undertake unaided, so that his current abilities can be assessed and any weaknesses identified for particular attention during the training programme.

After the session, the Assessor will submit an evaluation report, documenting the current skills level, and a training recommendation report outlining the content and duration of the training needed to attain the required coded status. All testing is taken off-site to Zurich Laboratories, where various tests take place such as bend test, acid test etc. All tests are professionally witnessed by an external verifier from Zurich. We do not offer in-house codings as some companies do, as they are not recognised in the industry.​

How do we charge for our service?

The half-day assessments are available on a regular basis and cost £60 (including VAT), and this cost is deducted from the cost of the recommended training package.  We are confident in our training and delivery of it, that if you go with our recommended training package and do not pass, then we will offer a free-of-charge retest.  Should you wish to take your coding with less training than we recommend, you are more than welcome to but this option does not come with free retesting. 

Should you require welding procedures as well to go with your codings, then we are also able to offer these, but in order to give you an accurate price then we require specific information from you first, so please contact us either by submitting an inquiry through our system here , or by calling us at 02476 363 663 or emailing us at [email protected]

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Equipment & Facilities

We provide you with your own welding work area & equipment (materials & tools included except safety boots which you need)

You will have access to:

✔ Kitchen facilities (fridge, microwave etc.)

✔ Free tea & coffee

✔ On-site vending machines

✔ Parking

We are located in CV7 9NH, just off the M6 motorway and close to several food places and hotels nearby.



All prices shown are excluding VAT.

Half-day assessments – £60.00 

 If after the half-day assessment you choose to further book your coding with us, the £60.00 is taken off the final quote you will receive.

  • Each day’s training – £150.00 
  • Materials per days training – £70.00 
  • Test day – £150 
  • T fillet test piece – £160.00 
  • Butt weld test piece – £220.00 
  • Pipe weld test piece – £220.00
  • Zurich Witnessed Testimony – £700.00 

 All materials are pre-cut and ready to weld, so time is not wasted preparing materials and the maximum time possible is spent perfecting your welding. Delegates can use their own materials if preferred to help reduce costs.  Materials include all metal, welding gases, wire and all consumables.