Kitchen Design Course

10 Days

Central Building and Welding Academy have now designed this course which will give you all the individual skills that you will need to design and fit a fully working kitchen, not needing to wait around on other tradesmen to start or finish the job. This course is ideal if you are looking to start your own business in the lucrative market of kitchen fitting or alternatively you want your own kitchen fitting and don’t want to pay £1000’s and also want to ensure the job is installed and finished correctly, then this is the course for you.


Course Overview


  • Health and Safety

  • Get to know your tools and how to use them

  • How to design and measure a kitchen

  • How to dismantle a kitchen

  • How to remove tiles to minimise damage

  • Learn how to patch in holes and channels using browning

  • Learn how to blend in small plaster patches and channels to a smooth finish

  • How to plaster whole walls to a smooth plaster finish

  • How to cut copper and plastic pipes

  • How to bend copper pipe using pipe benders

  • How to connect pipes using solder, compression and push fit fittings

  • How to run your piping in for sink, washing machine and dish washer

  • How to build a kitchen carcass from flat pack

  • How to fix base units secure and level

  • How to hang wall units secure and level

  • How to make and secure end fill panels to complete the professional finished kitchen

  • How to cut a worktop with a masons mitre, using a router and jig

  • How to align and hang kitchen doors

  • How to make up and fit kitchen drawers

  • How to cut pelmets of cornices

  • How to cut out for sinks

  • How to cut worktops using circular saws for a clean straight edge

  • How to glue on and finish off with edging strips

  • Fit and install a fully working sink

  • Learn how to mix adhesives and grouts and at what ratios

  • Learn how to tile and do different patterns to achieve different finishes

  • Setting out your levels

  • How to cut tiles using tile slices and wet cutters

  • How to grout walls and cut and fix tile corner bends

Upon successful completion of this course you will have been taught all of the skills needed for you to go and install complete kitchen with a professional finish.

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