Government Funded Courses For The Unemployed

Dealing with Unemployment

Being unemployed is not usually by choice however there are some positives that

can come out of it such as retraining for a different career path or updating your

skills and qualification to get back into work. What is important is how you react to

the situation and be proactive.

The Jobcentre Plus advisors can put you in touch with various organisations who may be able to help you in getting training to get another job or start your own business. You can also go to the National Careers Service advice website for more details or call them on the following number:

Here at Central Building and Welding Academy we have helped hundreds of people retrain and update their skills to make them   more employable. Many people have in fact gone on to start their own businesses. Ask your Jobcentre advisor if you are eligible for funding for courses at Central Building and Welding Academy, but remember, funding is subject to your circumstances and you need to be persuasive as the job centre only release funding for those individuals that they feel are really serious about getting back into work with the limited funding they have available.

We can deliver training as part of the Low Value Provision (LVP) for Welfare to Work related programmes. Give your careers advisor our Procserve DUNS number 223655396. Your careers advisor can contact us via email You will need to demonstrate that attending our courses will get you back in to work and off benefits.


We suggest that you provide the Job centre with proof, by way of a letter from a potential employer that after attending our courses you will be offered a job. Or if you wish to set up your own business by way of the training, they will expect to see a comprehensive business plan that will include costings for Training, Advertising, Vehicle, Tools, Phone etc. As part of your information you take to the job centre you should also print off the course or courses you are interested in.

If you have any questions about the courses we offer, you can give us a call on 02476 363 663.

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